Antonio Bandrés

Head of International Financing and European Union

Antonio Bandres

Antonio Bandres holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Zaragoza and Pierre Mendes France (Grenoble).

He began his career at Multicaja and, in 2001,  joined the Instituto de Crédito Oficial where he has held various functions and positions in the areas of International Financing and Venture Capital within Axis Participaciones Empresariales. In 2022, he became Director of International Finance and the European Union.

His responsibilities include the promotion, coordination and supervision of the activity carried out by the International Guarantees and International Financing Area, supporting the development of new large infrastructure and industrial projects abroad that are of Spanish interest.

Designing, coordinating and developing ICO's interaction with its counterparts, mainly the EU and multilateral, to multiply and improve support for Spanish companies and the development of projects within ICO's financing policy. Including EU budget financing products and programmes in Spain, such as the Invest EU Programme, Transport Blending Facility (CEF TBF) and Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility ("AFIF"). 

Participating in the governance of EU programmes, where ICO's representation is necessary and in coordination initiatives with other counterpart entities, mainly from the EU, aimed at promoting ICO's involvement in the development of strategic sectors.

Representation before international organisations, as well as advice and support to the Presidency in the area of ICO's representation abroad. Specifically, in international banking associations and organisations in which ICO participates such as ELTI, NEFI, Alide, and LTIC, among other international organisations).