Assessment, disclosure and transparency

Learn about the standards we follow to measure sustainability

Disclosure and transparency

ICO is aware of the importance of establishing information and reporting systems linked to sustainability, with a view to measuring and monitoring the impact of its financial activity, both in terms of the environment and climate, as well as its social impact. 

The information is intended to assess the implementation of sustainability from a governance perspective, including specific compliance and code of good practice issues, as well as the impact of the funded projects from an environmental and social perspective. 

Since 2016, ICO has published its Integrated Sustainability Report, which, since 2019, is fully aligned with the SDGs. 

The Report is prepared in accordance with the criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international standard for the communication of non-financial corporate information. The Report is audited by an external verifier and contains financial and non-financial data that allows different stakeholders to compare and assess the ICO's environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Cavala Gabinete de Asesoría Empresarial S.L. certifies that ICO´s Integrated Annual Report is in accordance with the recommendations set out in the Guide for the preparation of Sustainability Reports from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


The ICO Group is incorporating a methodology and standards aligned with the EU Taxonomy and the SDGs for assessing and monitoring the impact of its activities, particularly on climate, and incorporating new environmental objectives as regulation in these areas develops.

In the projects it finances, both nationally and internationally, ICO applies the Equator Principles, categorising projects according to risk and encouraging the implementation of environmental and social management systems and plans by clients and borrowers in the planning and execution of projects.