Environmental Policy


With this environmental policy, ICO commits to take on a constant effort in order to guarantee and move towards an efficient management for the purpose of the preservation and respect for the environment.

ICO's main purpose is to promote economic activities that contribute to the growth and development of the country while improving the distribution of wealth, especially activities of a social, cultural, environmental or innovative significance, which are deemed to be a priority. Actively promoting sustainable development that preserves and respects the environment is particularly important within this framework.

With this policy, ICO agrees to constantly strive to guarantee and advance the efficient management of its processes in order to actively encourage conservation and respect for the environment, not just in the activities carried out by its employees in the course of their jobs (direct impacts) but also in its relations with the supply chain, the management of assets stemming from guarantees that are awarded, and the portfolio of financing products that ICO offers its customers (indirect impacts).

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