Víctor Ausín Rodríguez.

Director General for Economic Policy. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Enterprise

Born in Barcelona in 1983, he qualified as a Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2006), completed his thesis at the RWTH University (Aachen - Germany) and was awarded a degree in Political Science and the Administration from UNED (2018). He has also been a member of the Senior Board of Economists and Trade Experts of the Spanish Administration since 2016.

He started his career as a financial consultant at KPMG, developing projects for the implementation of the Basel II and Solvency II regulatory frameworks in various national and international financial institutions. During this time he also led efficiency and cost reduction projects in various banking institutions. Since 2016, his professional career has focused on the Ministry of Economy, where he works as an analyst in the Directorate General for Macroeconomic Analysis, carrying out tasks related to the analysis of macroeconomic imbalances and the productive structure of the Spanish economy. Subsequently, in 2018, he became an advisor on macroeconomic issues within the cabinet of the Secretary of State for the Economy and Business Support.

Since 2020, he has held the position of Deputy Director General for Economic Forecasts in the Directorate General for Macroeconomic Analysis, where he is responsible for the in-depth monitoring of the national economic situation and the coordination of the Government's official macroeconomic forecasts for the Spanish economy, which accompany the General State Budget, the Budgetary Plan and the Stability Programme.

As of 2021, he held the position of Director General for Macroeconomic Analysis, with the functions and powers assigned to this unit, until February 2024. 

Since February 2024, he has held the post of Director General for Economic Policy, with the functions and powers assigned to this unit.