ICO Red.es Digital Kit

Financing for the provision of digitalisation solutions within the framework of the Red.es Digital Kid Programme

ICO Red.es Digital Kit
Who is it for?
  • The self-employed and companies that have signed a Digitalisation Solutions Provision Agreement in of any of the calls for applications for aid that Red.es publishes within the framework of the Digital Kit Programme, and which are: 
    • An aid beneficiary business 
    • An Affiliated Digitaliser Agent
Where can I apply?    
  • At credit institutions that are affiliated with this facility
Maximum amount per project    
  • For aid beneficiary companies: the difference between the cost of the digitalisation solutions and the amounts of aid granted by Red.es
  • For Digitaliser Agents: the sum of the amounts of aid approved by Red.es
What does it finance?    
  • For Red.es aid beneficiary companies, the cost of the digitalisation solution not covered by said aid
  • For Digitaliser Agents, the advances on the aid granted to acquire the digitalisation solutions 
  • Loan
  • Credit line
  • Factoring
  • Other method agreed on by the parties
Interest rate
  • Fixed or variable, plus the margin established by the credit institution according to the repayment term
Repayment term and grace period
  • 180 days, 1 or 2 years with the possibility of up to 1 years of grace period for repayment of principal
  • Until 31 December 2025

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