Fond-ICO Global

EUR 4.5 billion and investments in more than 100 funds facilitate financing for SMEs at all stages of development


Fond-ICO Global: the first public venture capital/private equity “fund of funds” created in Spain

Fond-ICO Global is the first public venture capital/private equity “fund of funds” created in Spain, currently endowed with EUR 4.5 billion, with the objective of developing and consolidating the ecosystem of privately managed venture capital funds that invest in Spanish companies at all stages of development, from the early stages to expansion, growth and debt.

Fond-ICO Global currently has more than 100 funds subscribed and is a key player in the sector, facilitating the growth of Spanish startups and companies at all stages of equity investment: incubators and technology transfer, venture capital and expansion capital. 

Created with the aim of boosting the Spanish venture capital sector, it is currently one of the most effective and significant programmes in the sector, with the capacity to attract both national and international private investors and consolidate the development of the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem. Fond-ICO Global is an optimal channel for directing European resources in the second phase of the Recovery Plan and will help to transfer investment to Spanish companies under the best financial conditions.



How does Fond-ICO Global work?

Fond-ICO Global invests in private venture capital funds that finance Spanish companies from the earliest to the most advanced stages of their development: technology transfer, incubation capital and expansion. The investments supported by Fond-ICO Global are particularly interested in promoting sustainable and digital transition. 

Fond-ICO Global's target funds

The investee funds of FOND-ICO Global must have a majority of private capital and be managed by private fund managers with presence and investment experience in Spain. The amount of capital invested by Fond-ICO Global in each of the investee funds will depend on the stages at which it invests and the size of the fund. 

Fond-ICO Global's Sixteenth Call

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